multichart forex indicators

use on simulation. . Ninja Trader on the other hand can connect via various data feed providers that are up to date. These two programs are the only trading platforms that all futures traders use. Another cool feature on Ninja Trader is the chart trader option. . Competition is always better! .

The extra chart trader features and especially the ability to simulate in a live market environment is invaluable). This is where you can visually see all of your stops and targets on your chart rather than just your order matrix. . We can look at a few areas of charting to really compare the two platforms: Cost. If you are able to make 10 live round trip trades per  month then you only pay a 25 monthly fee for the data feed. .

multichart forex indicators

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Customer Service, initial Setup Installation, cost of NinjaTrader Tradestation Platforms: Tradestation is significantly more expensive since you can use Ninja Trader for free when you are practicing or simulating. Ninja Trader has more options and some cool features that the age old Tradestation platform doesnt have. You can now practice how to day trade any time of the week, day or night. I have found that Ninja Trader has more videos and tutorials than Tradestation but I havent needed much technical support for Tradestation. . I have found that both technical supports have been helpful. Advantage: Ninja Trader Customer Service: Tradestation offers 24 hour customer service except for the weekends while Ninja Trader only offers email support. .

When spikes in volume occur Tradestation tends to not be able to catch up with the data where Ninja Trader keeps right. .  This does not fix the fact that speaking to someone on the phone is much easier than trying to explain it in words.

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