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output alongside dwindling employment. Often the only alternatives were service-sector jobs without benefits, paying 12 an hour. Factories also encourage innovation by attracting research and development (R D) facilities, which need access to production lines to translate design into real products and to work out the kinks in prototypes. Likewise, the TAAs limited wage-insurance program needs to be expanded into a national program. Between 20, the average growth in the sectors real output was only about 63 of that of the private sector. Trump claimed on the campaign trail that globalization had destroyed US manufacturing and in the process, the American economyby letting China and other countries steal American factory jobs. Two decades of complacency among US leaders gave companies in Asia and other emerging export bases time to create world-class factories and robust supply chains.

Thats true even as the sectors employment is growing only slowly, and remains near the lowest its been. But when you take out computers out of both data series, the trend is far more striking: Since 2000, manufacturing output expanded at an average pace equal to only 12 of the private sectors average growth. The obvious conclusion is that factories needed fewer people than they did in the past because robots are now doing more and more of the producing. Leslie We all help each other out so we make sure the job gets done. The hollowing-out hidden in the data This erroneous notion, based solely on a statistical anomaly, long ago crystallized into deeply misleading consensus that high-tech advances in Americas manufacturing sector give it a comfortable competitive edge. Any offer of employment is conditioned upon the successful completion of a background investigation, medical exam and drug screen. But the fact that the.S. In this hypothetical, the real ebook trading binary option output data might look like increased sales of processors. In addition: access to an on-site wellness clinic, on-site athletic center, and employee assistance program.