cryptocurrency trading api

make millions of dollars too. Thanks for having. If you can stand up three endpoints, pretty simple endpoints, we can give you a heck of a lot of exposure.

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cryptocurrency trading api

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We were looking at an exchange the other day that had a market called USD. That's exactly who our target audience. Clay Collins: Yeah, it's marketing for Nomics. So if you buy their stable coin blend, I guess their whole point is like you're buying the average of all the stable coins so that it will be stabilized to stable coin mix to be even closer to a dollar. So there's lots of just real oddities when integrating with these exchanges. And as that happened, there became a real desire to integrate all these different systems and that became a real challenge. This thing is so destroyed, like it's so far off the top." And every time I see someone post that, I'm like, " Yeah, let me show you this other graph." And it's like the historical context of metal where it was another five times. What's your basis for doing such an in depth series like that? And that was one of the rules that we put in place from day one, is that we couldn't do anything with our app that our customers couldn't do with the free version of our product.

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