yahoo finance historical data api not working

not maintained by Yahoo, this query is somewhat unreliable. My assumption is that internally yahoo is counting in trading days and my naive approach was not accounting for holidays. Period2: unix timestamp representation of the date you wish to end. Add pre post market data includePrePosttrue, add dividends splits eventsdiv2Csplit, example URL: the above request will return all price data for ticker aapl on a 1 day interval including pre and post market data as well as dividends and splits. From there it was a short step to gain access to this nice (hidden) API was inevitable. If you query for the current expiration the json response will contain a list of all the valid expirations that can be used in the?date query.

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(here is a post explaining converting human readable dates to currency conversion japanese yen to us dollar unix timestamp in Python). In a nutshell, if you want to get data on some stocks you can use this request: v?s, geptrmsft fsnd1l1yr where some special tags: a, ask a2, average Daily Volume a5, ask Size b, bid b2, ask (Real-time). Period1: unix timestamp representation of the date you wish to start. How far back you can go with each interval is a little confusing and seems inconsistent. interval1d 1 day, going back until initial trading date. Although that's a guess and ymmv. Yahoo has gone to a Reactjs front end which means if you analyze the request headers from the client to the backend you can get the actual json they use to populate the client side stores.

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