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money changer in your area gives the best exchange rate. Western Union hotline: (632) 888-1200, both Czarina and Sanrys are Western Union agents. Ask your expat colleagues and your company's finance manager. In the year 1968, currency notes were changed as a war strategy. Lower Ground Floor, Ever-Gotesco Mall, Commonwealth Avenue (2 branches here) Cainta. We heard that Western Union cannot be used to send money out of Ghana anymore. At the back of the currency, it carried a cultural display of various ethnic circles in Nigeria. You may also visit the website of the Bank of Ghana. Lower Ground Floor, Ali Mall, Araneta Center, Cubao. Choose the most affordable ATM card unless you wish to pay with a local visa cards for various expenses in Ghana.

Ghana Cedis To Naira Exchange Rate Today
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Tor those asking how much is cedi to naira exchange rate, we at NaijaQuest brings you a daily updated post on the current.
Ghana Cedis To Naira exchange rate today.
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These notes carried the portraits of the first two central bank governors Clement Isong and Aliyu Mai-Bornu, their faces were there and also a picture of the bank mains office at the bank. This should amplifies as during each Presidential/General election year ( 2016 elections to take place in November mid-2018 update : after a long stable period at around.4 per US and.2 per euro., the Cedi lost value late Spring and now stands.6. This legal tender is solely controlled and managed by the Apex Bank of the country which is known as the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). The one advantage of SM foreign exchange counters and BDO branches inside SM malls is their location. These notes that were introduced were of the same size which was 151 78mm. Indeed, there are Forex dealers who will meet you at the place of your choice after agreeing on an rate on the phone but we cannot list any here. It was For large amounts, ask to see the VAT certificate of the business you are dealing with. Ground Floor, Philam Bldg., Araneta Blvd.

ONE thousand nairas: Termed among the general populace of Nigeria as the Nigerian dollar, this currency note has a silver lining and outlook with the portrait of the Late. First of all the Ghanaian Cedi has been reviewed over the years and the Bank of Ghana have been removing zeros from the back of the currency to make the figures smaller.