canadian forex money transfer review

Wire Transfer, the direct debit option is free and very easy once set up but you are required to fill out a direct debit form to authorize. With their mobile enabled website you can also do this anywhere. For me it is also icing on the cake that they have a physical presence in the US, UK and Australia too! If you are a Canadian citizen living in Australia, you should register through OzForex.

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These are a new breed of money transfer companies and I will uncover the best of them for you. A range of services on offer such as rate alerts, recurring transfers, and FX buy limits. The table below gives you the current breakdown of fees, fee threshold and associated currency. Service, apart from rates and fees, I think this is where money transfer companies crush the banks. Every step of the way you receive feedback by email. All major currencies included. Bank to Bank CanadianForex was 2 or 3 days faster, but this may vary depending on the bank you currently use in Canada. If the customer has found a favorable exchange rate but does not need to send money immediately, they can purchase a forward contract, which gives the customer the ability to lock in the favorable rate but use it at a future date. Account SetupFees and CurrenciesExchange RatesFeatures Registration Step 1 Signing up is a simple, straightforward, 4 step process : Follow this link to activate and redeem your 2 Free Transfers! Unfortunately that is not the worst of it the exchange rate that Canadian banks offer you is where they really take you to the cleaners.