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for electronic funds settlement in India like neft and rtgs Biller Biller is someone or something that processes bills and payments isip Internet-based Systematic Investment Plan(SIP which. UTR Unique Transaction Reference (UTR). Sharpe Short Term Short-term is a period of time of less than 12 months. Start automated monthly investments (SIP invest without requiring to open dmat account. Mutual funds that primarily invest in small cap companies is categorized as Small Cap Fund. In this mutual fund investment guide for beginners, we have selected few articles to help you learn about Mutual Funds and get started with them. Learning THE jargon, here is a list of commonly used terms when talking about mutual funds.

However, being market dependant, mutual fund returns cannot be guaranteed by sebi and corresponding to the market performance, returns can be positive or negative. It is like when one friend doesnt have money to order a pizza or does not know what the different toppings like jalapenos and paprika or olives would taste, other friends also pool in money for a large pizza and ask the chef to suggest. It only works in same AMC funds. It is the value per share of a mutual fund or an exchange-traded fund (ETF) on a specific date or time. Also Read: Investment Tips for Beginners: Part. Equity Mutual Fund will invest all your money in the stock markets and your returns are dependent on market performance. AUM Short form for Asset Under Management. Credit Rating All debt issued by companies or government is rated by independent rating agencies based on the capacity to pay back.