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June For the first time, BBC2 broadcasts during the morning when not showing Daytime. Strike action at ITN led to the record viewing figures. This is a timeline of the history of the. (Some transmitters had been broadcasting in stereo since 1986, but these were classified as tests.) 16 September The main BBC Radio 4 service moves from long wave to FM as FM coverage has now been extended to cover almost all of the UK Radio.

Consequently, Radios Leicester and WM become FM only stations. It is first mentioned in the Radio Times on 21 March. 21 18 April BBC Radio Gwent launches as an opt-out service from BBC Radio Wales.

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19 February BBC Radio Bristol stops broadcasting on MW following the sale of the land, on which the transmitter was located, to developers. 3 September cbbc identity relaunched, with its third marketing campaign since the launch of the cbbc Channel. Police Scotland have advised drivers to avoid the motorway and are advising stranded motorists to stay in their vehicles. Other incidents included: A boy in Basildon, Essex, was saved by firefighters after he got trapped in the middle of a frozen lake when the ice broke. May BBC Somerset launches as a full-time station. 264 BBC Genome Project BBC2 listings "History of Radio Transmission in the UK" (PDF). 16 January Radio 4 News FM starts Gulf War broadcasts on BBC Radio 4 FM frequencies. 4 November The Asian Network expands into a full-time station when it increases the number of hours on air from 80 hours a week to 126 hours a week (18 hours a day). Following the launch of South East Today, a brand new programme for the new South East region, Newsroom South East was effectively broadcasting solely to the London area for a short while before it became BBC London News. 23 May Over one third of staff join strike in response to job cuts, dropping programmes.

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