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edges of a colored area. This useful for animation sequences. This a scaled log function. When used as an option to montage, -gravity gives the direction that an image forex brokers that take us clients gravitates within a tile. The color of the border is specified with the -mattecolor command line option. seed seed a new sequence of pseudo-random numbers -segment segment the colors of an image.

Use render to turn off rendering vector operations. Json:features includes features in verbose information. For example, -swap 0,2 swaps the first and the third images in the current image sequence. This allows you to define completely different displacement values for the X and Y directions, and allowing you to lookup any point within the scale bounds. Adaptively blur pixels, with decreasing effect near edges.

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Png:preserve-colormaptrue Use the existing image- colormap. Or use -ordered-dither to apply threshold mapped dither patterns, using uniform color maps, rather than specific color maps. Comma and/or hyphenated list of id values to remove from the output. The first component is the magnitude of the complex number and the second is the phase of the complex number. The gradient generated extends beyond the triangle created indian money to usd conversion by those 3 points.