fx trading value dates

for the paperwork involved and bank money transfers. If the payee has access to the funds immediately, the receiving bank runs the risk of recording a negative cash flow. The most currency exchange rate kuwaiti dinar to philippine peso popular of the three value dates is T1, which could therefore be considered as the spot date. In forward or future contracts a value date outstands from contract date for more than two business days. In other words, the owner of an options contract may exercise the contract or may not.

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fx trading value dates

The Spot Market accounts for nearly 35 of the total volume exchanged on the foreign exchange market. In Forex trading, the value date is regarded as the delivery date on which counterparties to a transaction agree to settle their respective obligations by making payments and transferring ownership. Numerous variations of forward, future, option and swap contracts are traded on Forex market. In general a swap could be considered as a portfolio of spot/forward contracts, concluded by the same parties. Such financial products include forward currency contracts, option contracts, and the interest payable or receivable on personal accounts. The value date is also referred to as "valuta.".

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Occasionally a 1-day value date can be achieved when the complete trade is near or within the same time zone, as with USD trades for the Canadian Dollar of the Mexican Peso. The settlement date is the date on which a transaction is completed. It is customary to store the trade date/time in GMT/UTC in a database, and for display purposes either to suffix it with "GMT" or "UTC or otherwise to translate it to a user's local time zone. It is also possible to settle on any value date between any standard tenor. The post-spot tenors are calculated from the spot date rather than from the trade date. This means that Tuesday is never a spot date in these currencies and can only be priced as a broken date. In second case settlement of the deal is replaced by obligation to close the position through reverse transaction. Spot contracts are typically cleared and settled electronically.