how to trade 4 hour charts in forex

point of confluence to give weight ary forex to a trade and further confirm whether or not I want to enter. Notice the two convincing 4-hour pin bars that formed around the time of the above daily chart bullish tailed bar. Do you trade better with it? For an interesting story about meaningless price fluctuations, make sure to put in a question in the comment box below and ill tell you a story which will blow your mind.

I hope you too can now use the intraday charts to your advantage by implementing the theory and concepts in this tutorial to ultimately improve the odds of any given trade working out in your favor and maximize its profit. The 1-hour chart would have helped us in this situation. And leave a comment below if you have any questions about this simple way of trading multiple time frames! Price Action is the result of order flow (the total summation of all buy and sell orders). Instead, utilize the tips and tricks learned in this lesson and the others I teach in my trading course, to use the intraday charts to your advantage. This keeps your trading simple and consistent throughout time. .

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