best games for ps4 vr reddit

your way, the idea is that you smash them down to take your shot. Read this : PlayStation VR tips and tricks.99, m Amazon The London Heist ( VR Worlds) Set in London's gritty criminal underworld, this is one of the five experiences in VR Worlds. They don't have to spend hundreds. 15.99, p m Sprint Vector After falling in love with Sprint Vector on HTC Vive, we're thrilled it's now available on PS VR too. Protip: Make sure to play this one with headphones on! It's scary one of the scariest games you can pick up on PS VR right now but short enough to not outstay its welcome. Price:.89, vR Worlds is Sony's attempt to provide PS VR users with a package of shorter games that give a good flavour of what the headset can.

Again, not a lengthy game, but one that gives you plenty to think about. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, horror has a new home. Not for the faint of heart! As the heroes attempt to stay out of the fiends clutches, theyll repair generators in a bid to open up doors that lead to safety. Rez Infinite 's "Area X" in VR is also an absolute treat for the eyes and ears. 19.99, m Batman Arkham VR Be the Batman in VR what more sell do you need than that? What the heck is going on is up to you to find out, space pilgrim. Together she and you traverse diorama-like levels with puzzles and combat, all so you can rescue her uncle who's left to fight an ancient evil that's awoken. Ace Combat 7 2018 Namco Bandai's arcade flight Ace Combat series comes to the PS4 and VR with photorealistic graphics, authentic and futuristic aircrafts to choose from and no doubt familiar dogfighting action. You hit your DualShock controller to match a drum beat as you would in a more relaxing Guitar Hero -style scenario.

Sony's headset, which plays nice with all. Pounding drums and the sound of air rushing by soundtracks your uncontrollable hurtling into the unknown.