best foreign exchange rate for thai baht

swedish Kronor :.03, swiss Franc :.05, thai Baht :.21, uAE Dirham :.69, uS Dollar :.93, bUY forex cash AT : BUY cash AT : Australian Dollar :.76, canadian Dollar :.73, china Yuan Renminbi. Please let us know and we will offer you a specific rate in such a case. There are currently around 55 Thai baht to the pound, but bear in mind that exchange rates are volatile and can fluctuate, even from day to day.

best foreign exchange rate for thai baht

They are refreshed every time you hit refresh and they are updated by the second. If you like the rate you see, either call us to reserve the rate or click on the buy currency online button on the top right of this page. And follow the instructions.

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Taheri Exchange reserves the right to pay by cash, check, draft, wire, electronic funds transfer, and in any denomination at its sole discretion. Travel Money at Post Office, so easy it's magic. A new, brass-coloured, 2 baht coin was issued in 2009, in order to reduce this confusion. Budget travellers, its possible to get by on a budget of 700 baht per day by staying in cheaper hostels, using local transport, without splurging on expensive meals out or large quantities of alcohol. Where an order is placed on a Friday and delivery to your home is required on a Saturday, there will be a charge.50 0 commission, competitive rates on up to 70 foreign currencies. These rates are for transactions involving the purchase or sale of cash on one side of the transaction. Please follow the link below. Remember that exchange rates can vary, so the rate given is only approximate, and make sure you keep an eye on exchange rates before and during your trip to know how much youre spending. For amounts over 20,000, wire rates are more competitive. If you would like a specific payment type or denomination, this may affect the rate offered to you. Euro.47580 CAD.53213 CAD, united Kingdom Pound.65846 CAD.71670 CAD, japanese Yen.01120 CAD.01225 CAD, chinese Yuan Renminbi.18016 CAD.19912 CAD.

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