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Fat Fingers Description: "The fingers you have used to dial are too fat. Where did you get this number? File name:, file size:.9KB, afterlife Mail System, description: Welcome to the Afterlife Voice Mail system. I'm not home right now. Voice Changer Software Diamond. As you may well know.".

Do you dare accost me in this manner? Audio4fun Sound Center have just updated with more. File name:, file size: 224KB 911 Emergency, description: Thank you for calling 911.

Your President is busy right now, but he'll know." File name: File size: 220KB Silly Voices Description: "Oh. File name:, file size:.3KB, presidental Chat Line, description: Hello. The answering service that." File name: File size: 228KB The White House Description: "Hi. He went out for fifteen minutes half an hour ago, and he won't." File name: File size: 487KB Answering System Description: "Hello. But, if you'd like to leave us a message, please." File name: File size: 216KB Crabby Man Description: So, you've decided to give us a call. Run off at the mouth! You leave a message on this machine. All lines are busy right now. What am I saying, there's no one there. Our offices are closed because quora best forex card everyone is at the doughnut shop. Below are the most impressive funny sounds, weird and scary sounds among those submitted by contestants.