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length equal to the size of the flag pole. Test the Indicator in Action, once opened Demo you will be supplied with educational materials and online support in your own language. If we fast forward to today, the AUD/CAD continues its march higher. This price consolidation becomes the flag of the pattern. The flag or pennant chart pattern is formed right after a bullish or bearish price movement followed by a period of consolidation. So that means an entry near.0637 with a stop near.0590. Today, we will look at how to identify higher probability trading opportunities off the bull flag pattern. If the retracement becomes deeper than 50, it may not be a flag pattern.

The flag post, which is basically the strong price action. The flags and pennant patterns can be a good way to trade chart patterns. The next chart below, Figure 4 shows an example of how the bearish flag is traded. Price eventually manages to break lower out of the pennant pattern eventually retesting the break out before dropping to reach the price objective.

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Recommended Own Advanced Trading Platform. How to use Forex Flag in trading platform You can see the graphical object on the price chart by downloading one of the trading terminals offered by IFC Markets. Therefore, we have an opportunity to enter into a trade with at least a 1:2 risk to reward ratio. The target level is calculated as follows: In case of a downtrend: T BP (TS PS in case of an uptrend: T BP (PS TS). Additionally, this consolidation will retrace a small portion of the previous up trend. For the past 3 months, traders have been buying risk through commodities, the stock market, and risk based currencies. Flag, chart Pattern: Definition, the flag graphical price model is a minor, short-term, trend continuation pattern that shows the previous direction will prevail in the future after its formation.